How to Wear Winter Shawls in 5 Different Styles?

How to Wear Winter Shawls in 5 Different Styles?


When the chills of winter come, the fashion takes a warm turn with the start of winter shawls. The modern and versatile accessory keep you cozy while also adding a touch of grace to your outfit. The winter shawls have always been one of the favorite choices for ladies to carry.

These shawls include: Toosh border shawls, Hashia toosh shawls, Toosh wool shawls, Kashmiri shawls and Zari shawls, offering various options to choose from. So, in this guide, we will together explore how to wear the winter shawls in five different styles throughout the season.

Classic Drape

This style is a very common style among ladies. The classic drape style is a versatile to carry any winter shawl. This is a perfect way to stay warm and glamorous. To do this, you can:

  1. Fold the winter shawl for women in half in order to make a perfect triangle
  2. Then place the folded side of the shawl on your one shoulder while pointing and hanging in front.
  3. Then bring the pointed end around your neck and let it hang loosely
  4. Finally, adjust the shawl to make the both ends even in front and enjoy!

This style of wearing a winter shawl for women works well with Kashmiri shawls as they are colorful and sophisticated

Shoulder wrap

The shoulder wrap style to wear a shawl is amazing for the ones that want to make a fashion statement. To wear they should wrap style of your winter shawl, you can do:

  1. Drape the winter shawl all around your shoulders. This will allow it to hang down your back.
  2. After that you have to cross the two ends in the front as then being it over your shoulders
  3. Lastly, let your winter shawl hang down your front. This will create an attractive display of the design of the shawl

This shoulder wrap style highly works with mainly the Zari shawls which features metallic thread.

Belted shawl

If you want a modern yet structured look, you can try out the belted shawl way. This style is best for the ladies that want to look sophisticated. So, to get this look, you can:

  1. Drape the shawl over your shoulders
  2. Then you need to secure the winter shawl in place with some stylish/ cute belt around your waist
  3. Finally, you need to adjust the tightness of the belt as per your liking

This style looks best in toosh border shawls as this shawl have border that showcases the entire outfit

Shawl cape

The shawl cape style is good if you want a relaxed look. You can do this by:

  1. Folding the winter shawl into half in order to make a triangle out of it
  2. Then placing the folded shawl on both your shoulders along with a pointed end hanging behind your back
  3. Finally, crossing the two ends in the front and tying them together in a knot

The shawl cape style goes with toosh wool shawls very nicely because the coziness of wool improves the warmth. It also gives a carefree vibe to the lady wearing it

Off- the- shoulder elegance

If you want to look trendy, you can adopt the off the shoulder style to wear a shawl in winters. To do this decently you can:

  1. Place the shawl around both of your shoulders. It will drape loosely itself
  2. Then take one end of the winter shawl and let it fall of your shoulder. This will reveal a bit of your skin
  3. Finally, you can adjust the placement of the shawl as per needed

This style blends with the hashia toosh shawls and those shawls are quite delicate. So, off the shoulder style will work well with the charming hashia toosh shawl.


So, the winter shawls provide a collection of styling choices to keep you warm and stylish in winters. Even if you prefer the classic drape, shoulder wrap, belted shawl, shawl cape or off the shoulder, this versatile accessory is a must have.

You ladies can select from a number of shawl types such as the Kashmiri shawl, hashia toosh shawl, toosh border shawls, zari shawls, or toosh wool shawls- according to your preference and style. So, this winter, don’t let the cold weather get to you! But, stay stylish, embrace the warmth and do try these five styles to wear a shawl. Stay fabulous!

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