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Sarwat has been a leading manufacturer of the finest quality traditional shawls since the 19th century. Love for pashminas and shahtoosh shawls led Khawaja Feroz-ud-din, the founding father of the brand Sarwat, to launch his eponymous label in Baramulla in 1860.

Legacy Weaves

Our journey began in the 19th century in Baramullah  District of Kashmir, when our ancestor, Honourable Khawaja Feroz-ud-din, took the initiative to introduce the business of weaving shawls on a small scale. Later, in 1880, his son, Khawaja Nizam-ud-din, took on the heritage with Indian (Subcontinent) characteristics, and he along with his family was compelled to relocate to Punjab where the business was reestablished.


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