Wear The Legacy

Wear The Legacy

A commitment rooted in the classics from design to production.

A cultural tradition that is transmitted from one generation to the next is called a legacy.


We were first inspired by our appreciation of the rich culture of the Indo-Pak region, its artisan goods, and our desire for entrepreneurial freedom. We have always been greatly driven to act morally and effectively by the ideology and the manner of life of our predecessors.


The legacy of Sarwat has been built on a foundation of honesty, loyalty and trust, and we have been crafting our masterpieces with the utmost love and care since 1860. Based on these fundamental concepts, each of our shawls is woven with the talking threads of our heritage and tradition. As we've smoothly progressed over the years, we've never wavered in our commitment to provide a timeless experience to our loyal clients while also never compromising our brand promise - Wear The Legacy.


Spread across time and history, our legacy of weaving enduring shawls carries over the seeds of our expeditions across different geographical settings, ranging from the hills and valleys of Bara Mulla in Kashmir to the urbanized Bazars of Amritsar in Punjab, often taking our ancestors to far-flung places like Calcutta in modern-day West Bengal. By becoming a part of our journey, you are connecting with us in terms of identity, elegance, class, modesty, fashion and most importantly, our warmth. We genuinely admire how our predecessors perfected the craft of weaving threads into immaculate masterpieces as we take you through our family heritage.


We welcome you to experience the epitome of luxury, heritage, and handcrafted heirloom shawls. Sarwat is committed to carrying the legacy of preserving the traditional and refined authentic shawls for modern-day fashion.


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