Sustainable Fashion in the righteous and simplified way

Sustainable Fashion in the righteous and simplified way

Timeless Fashion

We believe that the only sustainable fashion is High Quality. Timeless Fashion, in its true essence, is one which can uphold the morals of righteousness, integrity and simplicity.


A checklist or the newest phrase is not what sustainability is about. It's about purchasing better, which calls for classic style and top-notch building materials. For many years, this was the way fashion worked. To produce a really adaptable and enduring design, every detail counts, from our classic styles with a vintage influence to our innovative organic and sustainable materials. It's about designing wardrobe essentials that will last a lifetime.


At Sarwat, we believe that our clothing and appearance speak for our character and personality from a distance. At Sarwat, we want to empower everyone to explore and express their individuality and for this purpose, we create a wide range of magnificent shawls to fit any mood or occasion. The shawl is a unique accessory, which transitions well from day to evening, from work to a night out with friends and family, from loungewear to travels and much more.


The fashion industry brings new trends to weddings every year and when it comes to winter weddings, the events are a treat to attend. The intricate and embroidered shawls are surely a staple for these weddings. Sarwat creates embellished and embroidered shawls that feature a fusion of ethnic and modern sensibilities. Our royal wedding shawl options make the groom and bride look like a king and a queen on the wedding day and also add warmth and love to all the moments of their wedding.


Pashmina shawls are valuable pieces of art that also embody uniqueness in their embroidery and quality. Families revere these beautiful shawls with gold and wealth. In fact, Pashmina shawls are one of the most popular trousseau pieces that many families not just pass down to their daughters and daughters-in-law but also their son and sons-in-law who splurge in it especially during the wedding season. After all, what could be a better way to immerse oneself in pure indulgence during winter weddings than to seek refuge in the warmth of a Pashmina!

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