Preserving the Precious

Preserving the Precious

The Legacy of Character & Trust

Sarwat is a linguistic term that means "Riches, Affluence, and Wealth". Our brand philosophy ‘Preserving the Precious’ is intimately connected to the richness of our magnificent and high-end products.


Drawing on our ancestral traditions, Sarwat was formed on an ethical premise to support, preserve and further promote Kashmir's Pashmina industry. We collaborate with artisans from all over Pakistan from Swat to Lahore, from Kot Radha Kishan to Jalalpur Jatta and many other cities to handcraft products that combine traditional and modern design elements, all the while keeping to our pillars of ethical production, outstanding quality, Pashmina expertise and regional awareness.


Sarwat's sumptuous collection is created from resources that have been responsibly acquired. Our premium shawls are handcrafted from the highest possible quality cashmere fiber. The goats are meticulously nurtured for their wool, which is carefully extracted from their bodies since it keeps the goats uncomfortably warm in the summer. The way we source cashmere is 100% animal friendly, natural and cruelty-free.

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Fourth Generation Legacy