Quality is the ultimate form of transparency

Quality is the ultimate form of transparency

Timeless Styles. Impeccable Quality. Pakistan Made.

Sarwat's design viewpoints are based on an upbeat way of life and a sincere desire to inspire via classic and functional design. Our exquisite designs aim to create products that are used and cherished for many generations, leaving an enduring imprint. Because of their timeless appeal, each and every piece of our product is cautiously crafted to inspire and last for ages to come.


Handmade shawls are always very special and are admired globally because these are the outcomes of meticulous efforts and unmatched skills of artisans that craft them into wearable ornaments. Sarwat works with hundreds of artisans throughout Pakistan, including weavers, block-printers, embroiderers, and designers who have decades of experience in their respective fields from dyeing the yarn to setting the loom, and weaving. Our shawls represent a collective effort in which many hands and hearts have contributed to their making.



Our designers and guest artists aren't necessarily striving for specific novelty as they blend fresh concepts with ancient references from our archive. Instead, our talented artisans want to portray the essence of Sarwat, which is still relevant today despite its age and is instantly recognized by people of all generations.


In the last few decades, Sarwat has changed the common perception that a Pashmina shawl is meant for older people or for formal occasions only, be prepared to get enlightened. It is a unique accessory, which transitions well from day to evening, from work to a night out with friends and family. It’s absolutely essential as you can wear it with anything and everything. As these stunning shawls come in almost all colors, lengths and sizes, with a little creativity you can use them to adorn your outfits for every occasion.

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