How we are keeping the legacy alive!

How we are keeping the legacy alive!

How we are keeping the legacy alive!



We have a special place in our hearts for the skilled Kashmiri artists who endured and survived the famine alongside our ancestors. We have a great personal attachment to the Pashmina art form, and we always wished to introduce this artwork to the rest of the world. Taking this ideology a step forward, we are launching our brand, with a commitment to empower our artisans and showcase their remarkable artistry to the world out there.


Sarwat was founded on the notion that skilled artisans should have the liberty to express their talent without any discrimination, for which we created a shared pool of opportunities for our artisans to showcase their work globally by exporting high-quality shawls worldwide. For over a century, we've worked hard to establish and strengthen our identity, and now we're in a position to offer a promising future for our people and pass this noble legacy and heritage on to future generations.


Through our long-standing and mutually beneficial collaboration, we aim to enhance the aesthetic experience as well as foster employee loyalty. Our ethical business practices, employee-first principles, and magnificent work environment ensure that all of our employees and coworkers get admiration and high-value rewards.



As the fashion industry is beginning to embrace the notion of fair-trade factories, we have excluded the need for a standard factory environment. We preferably love to work directly with the skilled individuals and communities that manufacture our products, and we urge our valued artisans to continue to work in the regions that have inculcated and inspired their craft generations after generation.


At Sarwat, we entrust empowering our artisans without any discrimination. We employ our craftsmen, utilizing inclusivity in all aspects, including age, race, gender, and religion. Every year, we reinvest in our communities and workers to help create an environment foundation for improved and healthier tomorrow.




Sarwat promotes eco-friendly policies and we exclusively use premium yarns – pure wool, gossamer silk, and sheer natural fibers, as well as the most heavenly cashmere and merino. In the age of rapidly changing fashion trends, sustainability may not be the first option, but it is unquestionably the best antidote. Fashion whims are easy to follow, but careful spending can be demanding. Modernism is omnipresent, yet choosing a classic in this day and age is bold. Sarwat took the initiative to build an exemplary and sustainable brand of self-discovery with artistic exploration, which we consider an honor to share.



We do not believe in just making Shawls for a niche audience but strongly advocate manufacturing them for people, regardless of age and gender, belonging to all walks and facets of life. We have something for everyone.


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